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Factoids for Distractoids

What are Factoids for Distractoids?

Factoid — facts and information relevant to ADHD.

Distractoid — a person with untreated or under-treated ADHD.

Master of Distraction (MOD) — a person who has learned to live in tune with and not against ADHD.

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ADHD and Mindfulness

My Fellow Distractoids, Are you scattered, overwhelmed, prone to losing things, forgetful, frequently late, and impulsive? Are the voices in…

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Getting A Big Picture Of Life

My Fellow Distractoids, Do you have a “Big Picture” of life? Distractoids live almost solely in the moment, their chaotic,…

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ADHD and the Challenge of Agreements

My Fellow Distractoids, Do you find that you make agreements that you don’t keep? That you let people down or…

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ADHD Treatment Poll: Popularity and What Works

My Fellow Distractoids,  This is a little different post than usual. ADDitude Online Magazine polled 4,000 of its readers on…

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Agreements versus Expectations

My Fellow Distractoids — The series on communication continues this week with the crucial topic of expectations and agreements. Understanding…

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Breaking the Pattern: A Statement from the Heart

My Fellow Distractoids, Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is considered by many to…

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