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Factoids for Distractoids

What are Factoids for Distractoids?

Factoid — facts and information relevant to ADHD.

Distractoid — a person with untreated or under-treated ADHD.

Master of Distraction (MOD) — a person who has learned to live in tune with and not against ADHD.

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Communication: Listening (and Talking)

My Fellow Distractoids, When it comes to communicating with loved ones, Distractoids can struggle mightily as they allow deep ruts…

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ADHD Relationship Dysfunction: Wiping the Slate Clean

My Fellow Distractoids, Let’s say you are in relationship that is unhappy and that’s maybe been unhappy for a long…

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Communication: Seeing Destructive Patterns

My Fellow Distractoids,* Are you and a loved one living too much (or all) of the time in a negative…

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Getting the Support You Need

My Fellow Distractoids, For a solo Distractoid* facing all the demands of life, just getting by can feel overwhelming. The…

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My Fellow Distractoids,  Distractoids* live reactively. They’re in a reactive “mode” almost all the time.  Life is about scrambling to…

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Getting a Life

My Fellow Distractoids, Do you hate yourself for wasting your talent, squandering your potential, and being stuck wondering why you…

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