Is ADHD making your life unmanageable?

Luckily, ADHD is the one of the most treatable behavioral health conditions. Next to exercise, coaching is the most effective form of treatment.

Andrew Avery is a Certified Life and ADHD Coach

who can help you get your life back on track.

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Andrew is an incredible force in this world. He really helped me to see the light in myself and turn to my passions as valuable traits to the world, to others, and to my family.
– Ezequiel O.

What is ADHD? And how do you know if you have it?

Do you struggle…

  • To finish tasks and projects?
  • With low self-esteem?
  • To manage your time?
  • With anger?
  • In your career?
  • To find things?

Are you…

  • Chronically overwhelmed?
  • Easily distracted?
  • Defeated by routine tasks?
  • Impulsive?
  • Always late?
  • Living in clutter and chaos?

Do you have…

  • Stressful, unhappy relationships?
  • High levels of frustration?
  • Money stress?
  • Irregular sleep patterns?
  • Anxiety and/or depression?
  • A plan for the future?

Even those who may be high-functioning in their professional field can still struggle with everyday tasks. More and more frequently, adults are diagnosed with ADHD and are unsure how to adapt or how to cope with this new diagnosis.

ADHD Traction provides the support and fundamental tools that will help you or someone you love manage ADHD.

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ADHD does not have to be a condition that makes you miserable.

If you have tried your heart out but still can’t seem to get organized, use your talent and abilities effectively, modify impulsive behavior, prioritize the many tasks of work and modern life, advance in your career
or take care of your finances, don’t despair.

Get Traction with ADHD Coaching

ADHD Traction provides expert coaching for professionals, creatives and students with ADHD, as well as coaching support for family and friends of those who have ADHD. We help you understand how an ADHD brain works and how to make it work to your advantage.

Using proven techniques that help you regain control of your life, stay on track and achieve your dreams, let ADHD Traction coach you to freedom.

ADHD is a condition where one’s intentions don’t manifest. A person can know what they need to do, but they can’t do it. This results in high levels of frustration—both for the client and the client’s family and loved ones.  – Coach Andrew 

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14 Myth-Busting Truths about ADHD

I’ll help you cultivate the energy of the tortoise and not the hare—because we know who wins the race.
– Coach Drew

Meet Coach Drew

ADHD COACH, Andrew Avery

My life felt like a never-ending battle I was destined to lose. I soldiered on, year after year, suffering a fate common to adults with untreated or undertreated ADHD:

  • lack of career and underemployment,
  • stressful and ultimately doomed relationships
  • nearly unbearable levels of frustration and anxiety
  • a deep sense of shame over having failed to make more of myself
  • feelings of isolation and anger from being judged unfairly and misunderstood

When I finally discovered how to decipher and tame my ADHD at the age of 40, I made it my mission to share my experience with others, so you wouldn’t suffer what I went through. But first I got support and a lot of training:

  • a Master’s in Spiritual Psychology at University of Santa Monica
  • Soul-Centered Coaching Program at University of Santa Monica
  • ADHD Coach training from the ADD Coaching Academy

Then I distilled and organized all of my experience and knowledge into a program of coaching, ADHD Traction.

Praise for Coach Drew

Andrew is an incredible force in this world. I, like many individuals with ADHD, had felt trapped in crippling negative perception. Emotional trauma and trauma from professional experiences left me feeling frustrated, unmotivated, and unloved.

I never knew the power of an ADHD coach, like Andrew, because he specifically addresses you as an individual with ADHD. When he frames things from the ADHD perspective it helps you really tap into your gifts and your hidden potential, and turn inward to love the person that you are. Being trapped in negativity and trauma was just a circumstantial position I was in, but Andrew really helped me to see the light in myself and turn to my passions as valuable traits to the world, to others, and to my family.

You are worth all the love and wisdom in the universe. All power to the uniqueness in ADHD. Thanks Andrew!

Ezequiel O.

Since you’ve been talking to your coach, it’s like I’m living with an adult now. I feel lazy not having to manage your life and my own.

Spouse of an ADHD Traction Client

Coach Andrew provided me with a very valuable service.  As a recently diagnosed person with ADHD, he is very easy to talk with and very understanding of the ups and downs of ADHD.  He pointed out to me the little accomplishments that I did make and wasn’t even aware of.  He’s more caring than many of the therapists I’ve seen for ADHD and many times this is much more helpful to a person who is struggling with this hard to manage disorder. Thank you, Coach Andrew!

Cherie J.

I’ve been with Coach Andrew for a few months now, every session I come out with profound thoughts that help me. I’m able to get a hold on my adult ADHD with his help and truly begin to live up to the potential I know I have.

With that said he’s also gone out of his way to work with my gf and I on our communication skills. His guidance and coaching has been very helpful insight into discovering the best ways our relationship can deal with ADHD.

I highly recommend him to anyone who may be looking for a coach.

Craig W.

Andrew’s holistic and optimistic approach to treating adult ADHD is a welcome divergence from your traditional options. Instead of just getting a prescription, you will gain the tools and lifelong skill set to help yourself—be that a stand-alone or supplemental treatment.

Don’t lead a distracted life when you can lead a fully engaged one. Andrew’s coaching on ADHD Traction can help you enact that lasting change you’re seeking.

Amy K.

Like a lot of other guys in their 40s, I didn’t realize that I had ADD until I started researching some of my son’s behavioral symptoms, traced their roots to ADD, and saw a lot of familiar patterns.

Before jumping straight to medication, I reached out to Andrew to try and learn more about how ADD affects various aspects of life. That was 8 months ago. I’ve been speaking with Andrew regularly and have had my mind blown time and time again as I uncover the roots of how I process information, partake in overindulgence, manage my emotions and compartmentalization (or fail at it), bounce around from project to project and so much more. A lot of it I had incorrectly assumed was varying degrees of anxiety/manic depression for my entire life.

Anyway, I can’t recommend Andrew highly enough. It’s been a wild ride.

Mac M.

I don’t have ADHD myself, but my boyfriend does. We have started our couple coaching this year, and we are very glad of the positive results.  Some of the communication tools he teaches us are quite effective, and we do feel growth every time after our coaching session.

There are a lot of resources for ADHD, but maybe not enough for the loved ones who are in a significant relationship with an ADHDer. I highly recommend ADHD relationship couples to start considering hiring a coach. This could be life-changing.

Thanks to Andrew, now I know better how to communicate with my boyfriend. There is still work ahead of us, but I see hope :).

Anna P.

Andrew is caring and very knowledgeable about ADHD’s various ways it can mess up a good life. He is very giving of himself & his expertise.  I am grateful I came across Andrew!

John O.

Andrew has been a big support in my life on my journey to figuring out what’s holding me back to be my honest and best self. He doesn’t encourage you to mask anything, instead get to the root of the issue, find acceptance and then find an action to address it. We were able to work together and figure out the reasoning behind my depression and not being as accomplished as I could be.

My ADHD has derailed me so far that I haven’t felt successful in achieving my goals and that’s why I’ve been feeling unmotivated and hard on myself. With structure, guidance and redirecting my thinking, I’ve been able to take one task at a time and give myself the space to stop and give myself credit for what I have done and not feel I have to do it all in a day’s work.

Andrew is a realist, doesn’t have a judgmental bone in his body. He’s genuine and is deeply compassionate about actually helping his clients see results. I recommend him to anyone.

Andrea L.

With expert coaching provided by Andrew Avery and ADHD Traction,
you will take your life back using proven techniques that work.

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The issue is not the issue. How you deal with yourself as you deal with the issue is the issue.
-Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick, Founding Faculty and Co-Directors of the University of Santa Monica