My Fellow Distractoids,

October is ADHD Awareness Month, so I’d like to make you aware of something: I recently launched a new web site, which looks and works much better than the original version. The address remains Check it out. 

Three Indicators

Speaking of awareness, when should a person be aware that they need to get support to cope better with their ADHD? Here are three indicators it might be time to incorporate coaching:

  1. Frequent/Heavy Payment of the “ADHD Tax”: The so-called “ADHD Tax” is money we unnecessarily pay for ADHD-related costs of living such as late fees, parking tickets, high interest payments on credit card debt, and so on. If you find yourself frequently paying the ADHD Tax, it might be time to up your ADHD game. 

2. Living in Chronic Overwhelm: Do you find normal life overwhelming, and suffer from high levels of anxiety, frustration, and exhaustion as a result? If you are overwhelmed even in the absence of any unusually stressful factors, it’s probably time to figure out how to deal better with your ADHD. Living in a state of overwhelm is unpleasant, unhealthy, and unsustainable. 

3. Feeling “stuck” in life: If you feel stuck in life, like you are spinning your wheels, and can’t get yourself motivated to move forward, or feel at a loss as to how to get out of it, chances are you could use some support in getting traction. 

ADHD Traction is Here for You

That’s what “ADHD Traction” is all about. Feelings of being stuck, of wasting time and potential come with a lot of anxiety, negative self-judgment, shame, and depression. You deserve a life that’s better than that! 

Yes, there are other indicators that ADHD support is in order, but these are three of the biggest impediments and the most common. The good news is that, with the right support, chances are you can learn to manage your ADHD and move to a higher plane. If you are ready, I am available to help. Call or text me at 323-893-4922 to schedule a FREE consultation.

I’m rooting for you! 


Coach Drew