Is life making you crazy? Are you feeling out of sorts and unable to accomplish simple tasks? I have identified 9 indicators ADHD is under-treated or not under control and significantly damaging the effectiveness and quality of your life or of someone you love.

The Signs to Look For

Here we go, in no particular order, with 9 signs ADHD Is under-treated or not under control.

  1. Chronic overwhelm — feeling as if you will never catch up
  2. Unacceptably high levels of anxiety and depression fueled by ADHD symptoms and impairments 
  3. Frequent payment of the “ADHD Tax” — the “ADHD Tax” consists of extra money we pay out for things like late fees, parking tickets, and expensive credit card debt
  4. A strong sense of being stuck and, despite deliberate intentions, unable to self-motivate to get going again
  5. Job and career issues including lack of career, unemployed or under-employed, job dissatisfaction, as well as lack of work and a financial plan
  6. Stressful relationships undermined by ADHD 
  7. A powerful sense of wasted potential and wasted time
  8. Falling significantly behind peers due to ADHD issues, including lack of independence and reliance on parents and family 
  9. Strong and frequent feelings stemming from negative self-judgment and shame

These are all unpleasant things I used to experience all of the time and which I frequently recognize in my coaching clients. If you recognize any of these traits in yourself or someone you love, please feel free to contact me for a FREE consultation to evaluate your situation and see if we are a good match. Next to exercise, coaching is the most effective treatment for ADHD.

As Always, Best of Luck!

Coach Drew