Meet Coach Drew

ADHD COACH, Andrew Avery

My life felt like a never-ending battle I was destined to lose. I soldiered on, year after year, suffering a fate common to adults with untreated or under-treated ADHD:

  • lack of career and underemployment,
  • stressful and ultimately doomed relationships
  • nearly unbearable levels of frustration and anxiety
  • a deep sense of shame over having failed to make more of myself
  • feelings of isolation and anger from being judged unfairly and

When I finally discovered how to decipher and tame my ADHD, I made it my mission to share my experience with others, so you wouldn’t suffer what I went through. But first I got support and a lot of training —

  • a Master’s in Spiritual Psychology at University of Santa Monica
  • Soul-Centered Coaching Program at University of Santa Monica
  • ADHD Coach training from the ADD Coaching Academy

Then I distilled and organized all of my experience and knowledge into a program of coaching, ADHD Traction.