My Fellow Distractoids, 

This is a little different post than usual. ADDitude Online Magazine polled 4,000 of its readers on ways they cope with ADHD and what they find most effective. There are a lot of interesting findings. Most effective: exercise and coaching followed by mindfulness/meditation, Cognitve Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and neurofeedback training.

Only 21% of those polled used Coaching/Counseling. Almost 50% found it extremely or very effective. Only exercise was deemed more effective at 56%. My question is how many of the respondents had coaches or counselors with solid training in ADHD coaching? My guess would be only a fraction. So, if I am correct, ADHD Coaching with a trained coach would likely be significantly higher than the 50%, but admittedly this is conjecture on my part.

I also thought it was interesting that a little more than 40% found neurofeedback to be very or extremely effective. Maybe I will try that and see what the experience is all about.

One other surprise in the data … Though medication was the most frequent method of dealing with ADHD in adults, at a rate of 70% of respondents, it was deemed effective by only 40% of adults.

Another stat that caught my eye: only 15% of adults deemed supplements, vitamins, minerals effective. That’s a low score.

-Coach Drew