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Factoids for Distractoids

What are Factoids for Distractoids?

Factoid — facts and information relevant to ADHD.

Distractoid — a person with untreated or under-treated ADHD.

Master of Distraction (MOD) — a person who has learned to live in tune with and not against ADHD.

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Negative Self-Perception and Rejection

My fellow Distractoids — Are you down on yourself? Are you constantly telling yourself what an ugly, horrible, no-good person…

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ADHD Kryptonite

My Fellow Distractoids , Let me guess. There are certain tasks in your life the doing of which causes a…

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The Benefits Of ADHD Coaching

My Fellow Distractoids, Studies show that coaching is very effective in helping people with ADHD minimize the harmful effects of…

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The ADHD Tax

My Fellow Distractoids,  One main attribute of an unreconstructed Distractoid is frequent payment of the “ADHD Tax.” Masters of Distraction…

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Chronic Overwhelm: 8 Ways To Address It

My Fellow Distractoids,  Are you living in a state of Chronic Overwhelm? That’s when the tasks of normal life —…

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The Thoughts in Your Head

My Fellow Distractoids, What do you notice about the content of the thoughts in your head? Are they nice, serene,…

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