ADHD and Life Expectancy

My Fellow Distractoids,

Before October comes to a close and we wrap up ADHD Awareness Month, I’d like to make you aware of something pretty stark. According to a 2018 study by Dr. Russell Barkley, a leading ADHD researcher, ADHD reduces life expectancy by approximately 13 years. That’s right, 13 years!

ADHD Reduces Life Expectancy by 13 Years

Here’s how Dr. Barkley describes the situation: “Our research shows that ADHD is much more than a neurodevelopmental disorder, it’s a significant public health issue,” says Dr. Barkley. “In evaluating the health consequences of ADHD over time, we found that ADHD adversely affects every aspect of quality of life and longevity. This is due to the inherent deficiencies in self-regulation associated with ADHD that lead to poor self-care and impulsive, high-risk behavior.” 

In other words, people with ADHD are apt to neglect basic self-care, like having poor habits around eating, sleeping, and exercise. And, they’re more likely to neglect healthcare such as routine doc and dental check-ups, screening for common deadly diseases like colon cancer, and taking essential medications. Another thing, ADHDers are more likely to get in traffic accidents and other mishaps due to impulsive and risky behavior. 


Adult ADHD is a condition that often has severe, overlooked consequences which together constitute an under-the-radar ongoing public health crisis.

That’s why I ask my clients if they are up on health check-ups, dental maintenance, recommended screening procedures, and so on. And now I’m asking you?

The Good News

ADHD is the most treatable of neurodevelopmental disorders. Education and behavior modification can mitigate the risks of untreated or under-treated ADHD. But if you’re having trouble with self-regulation, it may be time to look for support. On many factors relevant to longevity, ADHD Coaching can help. And I’m just a phone call or text away. Schedule a FREE consultation today by calling or texting me at 323-893-4922.

Until next time, good luck!


Coach Drew