Is ADHD what you think it is? Take this quick true or false quiz to really understand what ADHD is—and what it isn't. You may be quite surprised.

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is a disorder in which people are hyperactive and have a deficit of attention.

ADHD fades away after childhood.

Most people with ADHD are hyperactive.

People with ADHD have about the same life expectancy as the non-ADHD population.

ADHD is an over-diagnosed syndrome.

People with ADHD have about the same divorce rate as non-ADHD people.

Medication is the best treatment for ADHD.

Most adults with ADHD are diagnosed and receive treatment.

Misdiagnosis of adults with ADHD happens very infrequently.

Thank you for taking the quiz and we hope you learned something new about ADHD.

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